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Actress Juggan Kazmi’s Vulgar Talk in a Morning Show

That is shameful act by tv host she is promoting vulgarity in a live show.She is showing her cleavage and promoting vulgarity in a live show .Is this girl doing for rating .These kind of style should be banned in morning show that the females done for their rating and promotion.

Electronic media host and performer Juggan Kazim brought heaps of giggling amid morning appear and entertained the group of onlookers as she ridiculed radio moderator sahir Lodhi. The performing artist recounted an intriguing story to the gathering of people including host of morning show Nida Yasir and different visitors. The response of host was intriguing also.


on the Eid eve, have Nida Yasir welcomed on-screen character Juggan Kazim, diverted general society with her adaptable acting, and couple of different famous people. The spouse and brother by marriage of the host were likewise displayed on show getting a charge out of the entertaining stories of radio moderator. The host hidden her face through hands when Juggan ridiculed sahir.

On-screen character cum-have Juggan Kazim is great companion of Lodhi and they have invested bunches of energy in and off the set. Both have fabricated such a decent connection, to the point that they ridicule each other before gathering of people. Be that as it may, the on-screen character ridiculed him in his nonappearance interestingly on the morning show of Nida Yasir, another great companion of radio moderator.

The performing artist recounted a fascinating story of radio moderator when he was wiped out and each individual appreciated the story, it brought chuckling from gathering of people and also have because of the happy identity of sahir Lodhi. The radio moderator wouldn’t fret ridiculing him in his nonattendance as he is great companion of on-screen character Juggan Kazim and the host of the morning show since they were simply sharing the important minutes.

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