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Hamid Mir play video of Nawaz Shareef

The truth that the Pakistan authorities has punished dawn journalist Cyril Almeida for exposing the civil-military rift itself doesn’t marvel too many humans in that united states. What surprises them is the way it turned into carried out and why.
report image of Nawaz Sharif. APFile image of Nawaz Sharif. AP
there is every other element approximately it that need to wonder and thrill people out of doors Pakistan, along with those in India. The Cyril episode most effective proves how, even within the face of intense, unfavourable situations, some of Pakistan’s reporters display exemplary courage in sticking their necks out and doing their process. This shows how top and courageous Pakistan’s press is, greater than how badly-positioned it’s far.
Disagree with some of Cyril’s evaluations if you have to — as I do — however there’s no denying the fact that the man has accomplished now not best Pakistan but the whole international of loose press very proud certainly.
His modern day paintings has uncovered the rift among top Minister Nawaz Sharif and chief of military body of workers Raheel Sharif. The Sharif as opposed to Sharif conflict is simply hotting up.
And now, the movement against Cyril itself has now not come as a shock in a country where newshounds face threats in all shapes and from all sides: The civilian authorities, the navy, the Inter-services Intelligence and militants of all colors. It’s hard to jot down a story to thrill these types of sections, until it’s approximately the climate in Islamabad.
“What happened to Cyril Almeida is a routine part of the machine in Pakistan,” a Karachi journalist informed Firstpost.
however what’s unique about Cyril’s case is that he changed into now not shot at or abducted or tossed into prison while he turned into taking a walk from his domestic to the grocer’s. He changed into in reality put on what goes by using the quaint call of exit control listing (ECL), which clearly method he can’t depart the country.
perhaps a worse fate is awaiting Cyril. He himself fears it.

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