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Kangna Ranawat Scandal

It isn’t odd in Bollywood for dad and mom to come to their youngsters’ (who appear to be dad and mom themselves) rescue now and again. What we’re specially referring here is the continuing feud among Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut. What started off as a personal tiff went on to come to be a full blown criminal battle! The scandal sprang out of gossip columns and began making headlines in the mainstream media.
both the parties saved slinging dust and washed their grimy linen in public. even though months have exceeded in view that this difficulty first got here out in open, both Hrithik and Kangana have no longer let bygones continue to be bygones as they’ve also got their households concerned! the problem took another unsavoury turn after Kangana Ranaut spoke to the click in a current event about how a forty three yr antique actor nonetheless needs his effective daddy to shield him and he or she did now not mince words even as slamming the complete Roshan clan. Her exact words were, “I need to recognize why Indian men can’t stand for themselves. He (Hrithik) is 43 years antique. Why his father constantly has to return to his rescue? for how lengthy will he preserve hiding at the back of their large influential father’s call?” ”He (Hrithik) is an grownup and quite a great deal can take care of his own controversies in display commercial enterprise. it’s miles just a easy controversy. Why daddies should keep their son? I don’t recognize this.” (also examine: Kangana Ranaut’s ‘daddy’ remark on Hrithik Roshan: right here’s what Rakesh Roshan has to mention)

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