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Kiss the boss to get job

A company in Beijing has give you an uncommon and surprisingly offensive way to enhance working family members between personnel and managers.
each morning, between 9:00 and nine:30 a.m., girl personnel members are required to line up and kiss their boss earlier than starting paintings at a employer selling domestic brewery gadget in Tongzhou District.
pictures of the stunning daily routine went viral on chinese language social media on Friday. Many Weibo customers wondered how the woman employees may want to retain operating in this sort of repulsive environment.
“How can those female people accept this? Do their boyfriends or husbands recognize?”
“I need to invite these woman workers: Do you don’t have any cash? could you starve in case you changed jobs?”
“The boss is a perv, however the workers are foolish.”
well, consistent with a Sohu file, whilst the ladies had been to start with reluctant to wait the morning ceremony, almost they all have on the grounds that given in to their boss’ call for. simplest two lady body of workers members honestly refused to kiss their boss and resigned from the corporation.
meanwhile, the boss claims that the exercise facilitates to create a better bond between personnel and bosses (like fish and water), and says that a few girl employees absolutely leave out him while he is long gone, sending him messages on WeChat. He additionally claims that he picked up the idea whilst touring a corporation in the united states of america.

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