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Man arrested in Faisal Abad for marrying her own daughter

A young guy with a black beard appears in front of a microphone in an newbie on-line video. wearing a Sindhi cap and dressed in white, he tells an invisible but noisy audience who is up next to address them – “Janab Malik Muhammad Ishaq Sahab”. As he moves away from the microphone, the group bursts into slogans: “Tera Ishaq, mera Ishaq, Malik Ishaq, Malik Ishaq” (Ishaq is mine, Ishaq is yours, Malik Ishaq is every person’s).

within the midst of those slogans, Ishaq – a middle-elderly man of medium top wearing off-white clothes and a Sindhi cap – suggests up. Stroking his heavy beard pretty regularly, he delivers no difficult epilogue in Arabic – just a couple of normal traces – before he launches right into a chance-laden speech in a rather homely tone. “We don’t have any non-public time table. Our time table is to protect the honor of the partners of the Holy Prophet,” Ishaq announces.

The video does no longer show the venue of the speech but it is uploaded on October 7, 2012 – slightly greater than a yr after Ishaq became released from prison where he became being attempted in dozens of murder instances.

“Don’t forget about that we have simply put down our arms. we have not closed down our places of work for all time. we’ve just locked them in the meanwhile,” he thunders, warning the authorities and the Shia network of dire effects. “Do not disappointed us. We recognize a way to avenge ourselves. We realize the way to die and a way to kill.”

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