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Sana Askari’s husband Slapped and spit on her face

What misconceptions do human beings have approximately you?
I don’t recognise, however I guess humans assume that i have an attitude trouble, but it’s miles definitely now not actual. I bear in mind myself a bubbly and active person.
What’s the worst rumor you have heard about yourself?
The worst one? [Pause] properly, multiple months back, a random female called my husband and turned into like, “Minhaj, I heard to procure divorced!” i used to be dozing proper next to him and i used to be like “WHAT???”. I guess that turned into the worst one associated with me. [Laughs] Any training learnt the difficult way?
no longer truly… [Pause] I’m just going with the go with the flow and concentrating in the direction of my profession whilst being busy with my personal lifestyles, so nothing of the type passed off anyway.
What’s the most weird component a fan has ever stated to you?
A fan by no means said anything honestly bizarre to me, but sure, once I got here across a girl and she advised me that she watches me all of the time on tv and i assume this is quite funny. as an alternative i would say that it’s so sweet of her.
inform us something nobody is aware of about you?
a few people think about me as a blunt man or woman, but hardly all and sundry is aware of that i am very active and i’m always ready to take a damage. For that, after each few months of work, i am going for adventures and holidays, birthday party out and come lower back. something I do every day is that every time i am getting freed from work, despite the fact that it’s overdue at night time, I exit for a while, allow it’s everywhere…You are aware of it simply releases all the anxiety and work exhaustion one way or the other.
What drives you: cash, reputation or achievement?
nothing! i’m living a good lifestyles and playing each moment of it, so there’s not anything that drives me.
What do you fail to recognize approximately the other sex?
I don’t recognise, but I guess there’s not anything that I don’t understand about the other sex. I basically exit with men extra than women, so I realize them sincerely well. i’m quite comfortable speakme to them and placing out with them.
what’s the most crucial relationship advice you may supply?
Hmmm… [Pause] i’d say intellectual compatibility and know-how every other is the most important element in every dating. So attempt to hold that and usually try to be pals with every other as this may absolutely lead you toward a healthy relationship.
while become the last time you kicked ass?
It happens every day! ordinary any person gets his ass kicked over, mainly on shoots. i’m a totally wild person and there are positive things which could annoy me pretty rapid.
What do you don’t forget your satisfactory physical asset?
i might say my eyes and my hair. i like them and i don’t forget them as the high-quality functions I could reap from my Maker.
have you ever finished whatever you shouldn’t have?
I haven’t any regrets in my existence but yes, now and again I sense like I shouldn’t have left portray. portray is no doubt a ardour for me and now I don’t truly get time to paint. I bear in mind, the final painting that I made become of my husband.

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