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Shia girl offering prayer on fire

The preferred time for providing the Zuhr prayer is from midday to the time the shadow of the stake of the sun-dial equals the stake, whilst the last desired time for imparting the Asr prayer is when the shadow of the stake of the sun-dial turns into double of the stake, but the starting of the favored time for presenting the Asr prayer is whilst, consistent with the more obvious opinion, the shadow reaches 4 feet, this is 4/7 of the stake, even though it isn’t a ways from being probably that its beginning must be after the due limit for supplying the Zuhr prayer.
The preferred time for providing Maghrib prayer is from the sun-set to the disappearance of the twilight, that is the redness within the western horizon. this is additionally the beginning of the desired time for supplying Ishã’ prayers which lasts upto one-third of the night. Its time is divided into several parts: earlier than the disappearance of the twilight and after the only-0.33 to midnight

The desired time for supplying the Morning Prayer is from early dawn to the advent of the jap twilight. possibly its appearance is interrelated with the time of day destroy, aurora and lightening of the morning which has come inside the spiritual texts.

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