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These are the limits in Islam before marriage

uno ye it wuld be terrible having intercourse before marriage…due to the fact everywhere in islam it says sex before marriage is haraam. in case you are so sure that u r each going to get married then intercourse shouldnt be n your head it should by no means ome in ur head. i am not best and i am definatley now not a islam professional, but its the obv. I am17 also in a relationship and had been for the past 2 yers and 9months, and i love my boyfriend hes 21 aswell and he loves me alot lower back. We both promise eachother marriage. however some thing if u simply clearly ought to look ahead to

and approximately the kising and different bodily stuf u wer on about, yes that is sinful.As i have examine, for a islmaic woman if a person who isn’t always married to her, for him to even contact her hair is this kind of massive sin, so imagine how awful it must be for you to both kiss eachother. but i dont blame neither of u for this, due to the fact most people of muslims who ahve byfriends girlfriends kiss eachother. Its all approximately inner electricity an individual has, and whether or not you’ll assist them self from temptations.

well i cant say plenty extra than that, apart from that i am hoping you each do stay longa nd happy collectively and also you get married sooner or later soon inshallah. can also Allah have mercy on u aND FORGIVE U AMEEN

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