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This is what man like to do after pleasure

1. ‘Biting, in a awful way. while giving blow jobs, please keep your teeth away from my penis. It isn’t always a meal.’

2. ‘when you exchange into hideous “relaxed” pyjamas as soon because the intercourse is over, mainly if they resemble your late grandmother’s curtains.’

three. ‘If, as soon as you’re taking off your underwear, the room smells like a fish marketplace – at that point it’s far my criminal proper to wind matters up.’

4. ‘Banning me from intercourse if you provide you with the concept to spice matters up via watching porn together, then you definitely get pissed off due to the fact i am getting a tough-on from looking it.’

5. ‘while you watch tv over our shoulder. not cool.’

6. ‘ phrases: Vice grip. The objective isn’t to tug the rattling aspect off.’

7. ‘some thing your friends inform you or what you may study on the internet, you ought to ask before you try to slip a finger up a person’s a***. We won’t recognize it.’

8. ‘Being slapped in the face all through intercourse. Do not try to break my jaw. It hurts. loads.’

9. ‘whilst you forestall making an effort along with your undies. I don’t want to peer your granny pants on a daily basis.’

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