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What happened when a girl ask for selfie to Afridi

Shahid Afridi took the NUST University by storm. He was invited on show which was planned in this university. Afridi reached there and then the students went crazy about him. There was a huge noise in the hall.

There was no other voice being heard except for Afridi name. People were rushing towards the hall to meet Afridi. One of the girls present in the hall got the mic and she requested for a selfie. The way she made her request was really sweet.

She was nervous, shy and out of confidence. Yet the girl wanted a selfie. Afridi asked her to come down and reach the stage. The girl came down with her friend. The two had a selfie with Afridi. This girl was so much crazy that she even touched Afridi.

She must be searching for the fact that this was reality. She had a photo with Afridi. He was real and not fake. This is what Pakistan cricket is all about. They love their heroes. The fans are crazy about cricket and about their cricketers. Afridi is the most famous one. People love him in a huge number. He is near his retirement. He has done a lot for Pakistan and this is the return back. Afridi wants a farewell game and now it depends on PCB whether they give him this final match or not.

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