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What is Faisal Qureishi doing in the morning show

Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed’s wedding ceremony has been into gossip in view that last week. while many enjoyed the marriage activities via photos and motion pictures, following the hashtag, #UrwaFarhan, others regarded to badmouth about the celebrations.

finally, actor Faysal Qureshi, bashed out on the terrible comments on pictures of the happy couple through his fb fame.

“it’s so insulting to me as a person to study the kind of things humans are pronouncing approximately those quite sisters, no longer simply them but their mother, Khalas and everybody related to them!” said the furious actor.

The actor stated, “i am simply wondering that have we without a doubt end up this pathetic? Are we sincerely so complete of hate and hypocrisy that we can not be glad for anyone? Why does someone’s outfit outline them as a low lifestyles?”

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