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Why Saudi girls chose married husband

WHAT makes a person determine to marry another girl whilst he’s already married? mainly, what are the reasons of guys marrying housemaids? Is the primary spouse at fault? Or is the man without a doubt being difficult to delight?
Such marriages have end up a piece too commonplace in Saudi society and in case you pay attention to the women’s factor of view, you’ll end up believing that men are in no way satisfied and they want to have everything and everyone just as they want. guys, however, say the entirety is the other halves’ fault. they’re continually busy with their social lives, constantly ignoring their youngsters and their husbands, filling their lives with buying, long smartphone chats and the state-of-the-art: lingering at beauty salons! So who’s in charge? And who’s the victim — men, women or youngsters?
Abu Naif, age over 40, tells his tale of why he married the housemaid. In his opinion, it changed into his spouse’s forget about of own family duties that led him to marrying again. He says: “After marrying my first wife and having a son, Naif, i discovered that my wife was negligent, didn’t care a whole lot approximately her own family and would spend hours on her makeup in preference to being concerned for her kids. She was boastful, became usually searching down on others and in no way entered the kitchen. I attempted to draw her interest to her family obligations but unfortunately, she became handiest concerned with herself. whatever I wanted was completed by the maid so it become logical that I have to marry her. i’ve never regretted marrying Lama, our maid. i hope my tale can be a lesson for other girls who do not admire married existence or understand how to take care of their husbands.” So Abu Naif places the blame on his first spouse.
Abu Sultan, in his mid-50s, however admits that he loves his wife of 35 years, yet age seemed to “wither” her so to speak. He says: “I married my wife greater than 35 years in the past whilst she changed into very young and didn’t realize much about lifestyles. I loved her and i nevertheless do; in the end, she is the mom of my children. She changed into easy and harmless and i’ve in no way got angry with her or criticized her for her actions. everything changed, however, while the children grew up and he or she have become hardened by way of experience. She commenced ignoring me as if I have been no longer at home. I not often saw her; she become continually away, journeying her dad and mom. She usually said she desired nothing now that her children were at an advanced level in their education. i used to be bored stiff together with her manner of residing and could bear it no longer. The handiest alternative changed into to marry a 2nd spouse and enjoy together with her what is left of my existence. i found my dream in my Filipino wife, Fatima. She labored as a maid for some of my loved ones. along with her, i discovered the affection and compassion i used to be looking for. What is inaccurate if any individual once labored as a maid? She is properly-mannered and i don’t trouble approximately any social variations among us. She has devoted no crime and i’m proud she has achieved a decent task and i do now not feel embarrassed approximately this. The herbal region for her is with me in our domestic. Now i’m sponsoring her as my spouse and now not as a maid.”

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