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Women don’t like man who shampoo this part of body

From the primitive age of human beings, from their very genesis, thru the stone a while and the invention of hearth, through the a while of kings, queens, betrayals, dragons and direwolves right down to our chaotic millennia where television indicates are made about the aforementioned, one truth approximately us human beings is and could stay steady: we stink.

Going thru the sweltering Dhaka summers makes us no strangers to this phenomenon. There comes a factor when squeezing into an historical elevator with 139892 different, profusely sweating strangers after surviving ninety mins of site visitors in a rickshaw on a specifically warm day, makes you want to cut your nostril off, if you have not blacked out already. Deodorants and perfumes assist truly, till the fumes of heady scent and sweat fuse into some thing even greater rancid.

On days like this, you come back domestic defeated, drained, and putrid. You wistfully eye your sunburnt pores and skin inside the reflect, even as your mother murmurs “ekdom kalo hoye geso…” within the heritage. Wishing for immediate comfort, you sneak into your sister’s toilet, looking for some respectable face wash, grabbing the Glare & Bubbly on your manner out. within the consolation of your own toilet, you dab copious quantities of the darned face wash on your face, scrub your frame with Flux (the crimson one is clearly neat), use that clean and silky Canteen shampoo your mother handed you a while ago and voila! you come out a brand new man!


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